Baking Recipes

Cinnamon Chia Bread

This is a basic hearth bread.

Gather Tools:


Dough Starter (The SPONGE!)




Cover the sponge with it. 

Allow this to ferment for 1 to 4 hours.

The sponge will break through the flour mixture in spots. It's okay.


Mix the dough for 3 - 7 minutes 

(you just need a rough mix)

Allow it to rest for 20 minutes


Cover the dough and let it rise.

I like to let it rise overnight while I sleep. 


Place the dutch oven in the actual oven.

Heat to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.

After preheating...

Place the parchment paper inside of the dutch oven. 

Add the dough to the dutch oven.

Cook for 1 - 1.3 hr to a satisfied brown


Put it on a cutting board


With a butter knife, coat your warm bread with a layer of oil. I like to use coconut oil.

You will notice the bread soaking up the oil.

This step is important for softening the outer shell of the bread crust.


Listen to Baker.Love to add to the ambiance.

Party Pizza


Flour 113 g = slightly less than 1 cup

Instant Yeast 1.6 g = 1 / 2 tea spoon

Sugar / Honey 2 g = 1 / 2 tea spoon

Salt 3.3 g = 1 / 2 tea spoon

Water (room temperature) 79 g = 1 / 3 cup

Coconut Oil 18 g = 4 teaspoons



pizza pan

mixing bowl


8 - 24 hours before you want to eat pizza, begin this recipe.

Tomato Sauce - 1 can tomato sauce (or 3 cups of tomatos)

SPICES -  I like: black pepper, Italian, oregano, chili powder, garlic powder


**TIP** If you add vegetables, cover them with cheese or they will dry up.


4. Pre Heat Oven to 246 degrees C  (475 F for you Imperialists)